November 20th, 2013

Кто здесь власть?

Оригинал взят у kilativ в Кто здесь власть?
Environmental activist Bill Talen, more commonly known as Reverend Billy, could be facing up to a year in prison for organizing a musical protest that brought singing, dancing activists to a Manhattan JP Morgan Chase Bank last month — all dressed as frogs.
The protesters, all members of Talen’s Stop Shopping Choir, went up to the bank’s third floor where the wealth management offices for private clients are located and burst into song. They handed out information sheets about the impact of Chase investments on the environment to bank customers and employees while Talen gave a sermon about climate change. The choir members were dressed as the Central American golden frog, a species now extinct as the result of climate change.
Talen and the choir’s musical director, Nehemiah Luckett, were arrested moments later on a subway platform.
Last week, they were charged with riot in the second degree, menacing in the third degree, unlawful assembly and two counts of disorderly conduct — charges that carry up to a year in prison. The assistant district attorney described the protest as a “criminal stunt.”
Talen told environmental news website Grist that he was aware the trial would be an uphill battle.
“Our researchers have it that JP Morgan Chase is one of the top financiers of climate change disruption in the world, and we’re handing out that information and that is a very sensitive thing,” he said. “I think that we’re in dicey territory here because JP Morgan Chase is basically the government of New York.”
A petition on requesting that Dictrict Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. drop all charges against Luckett and Talen is seeking 10,000 signatures. As of Sunday afternoon it had more than 3,500.
The trial is scheduled to begin Dec. 9.

Реверент Билли, активист по защите природы, попал под суд и ему грозит год тюрьмы. Он вместе со своими сторонниками проник в здание ДжПи Морган-Чейза (банк) и спел там песенку, протестуя против инвестиций банка во всякие злобные антиприродные активы. Чуваков повязали и теперь им вменяются (только задумайтесь!): 1. Бунт второй степени; 2. Угрозы третей степени; 3. Незаконное собрание (привет 31 статья конституции!); 4. Два случая мелкого хулиганства. Сам ревент Билли думает, что в тюрьму их таки посадят, так как прокомментировал обвинения так: "Мы в серьезных неприятностях, так как JP Morgan Chase фактически является правительством Нью Йорка". Местный народ сопротивляется, уже 3500 человек подписали петицию против беспредела.
Сравните с Арктик Санрайз.

Бу-хы-хы, значит в православном храме песенки петь можно, а в банке - нет? Хотя, наверно, для пиндосов банк и есть подлинный храм.

И еще на тему законности и правопорядка в Пиндосии

Оригинал взят у kilativ в И еще на тему законности и правопорядка
(Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court said on Monday it would not review a ruling by the secretive intelligence court that gave the government access to records kept by Verizon Communications Inc on millions of telephone calls.
The long-shot case was brought to the high court by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a public interest research organization. It was the first time the high-profile issue has come before the justices since former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden began in June to leak secret documents detailing American surveillance programs.
The NSA used records like those provided by Verizon as part of the spy agency's counterterrorism surveillance activities.
The court rejected the case in a one-sentence order.
The Obama administration argued in papers presented to the court that under existing law, only the U.S. government or Verizon itself could challenge a ruling by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Коротко: Верховный Суд США отказал буквально в одном предложении в рассмотрении дела по нелегальной прослушке граждан, признав тем самым прерогативу некоего секретного суда (да-да, СЕКРЕТНОГО СУДА!!!) поступать так, как там сочтут нужным. Администрация Обамы указала на то, что претензии могут выдвигать или Верайзон, который предоставил прослушку правительству, или само правительство, а не какие-то там убогие граждане.
Выводы делайте сами, на что могут повлиять выборы, а на что - в пешое эротическое путешествие.