aspar2 (aspar2) wrote,

Демократичная вы наша (с)

Счас в перерыв наткнулся на офигительный материал:
So federal officials ordered manufacturers to make their products far more deadly.

By mid-1927, the new denaturing formulas included some notable poisons— brucine (a plant alkaloid closely related to strychnine), gasoline, benzene, cadmium, iodine, zinc, mercury salts, nicotine, ether, formaldehyde, chloroform, camphor, carbolic acid, quinine, and acetone. The Treasury Department also demanded more methyl alcohol be added—up to 10 percent of total product. It was the last that proved most deadly.

Т.е. власти США травили как крыс граждан этой самой демократической страны.

Да, это не гватемальцев заражать сифилисом.
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